Stop, Look, Listen

Written by Dr. Rana Tayara Communication skills is the base of any relationship, right?   I always though I had really good communication skills, after all, I teach it to counselling students almost every day and I practice it with my clients almost every day.  Attentive listening, non judgmental, eye contact, no interruptions, use of …

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Managing Your Child’s Anxiety

Written by Dr. Rana Tayara We are at a time where it may be common for a child to experience anxiety. There are many uncertainties in their lives right now, their routine keeps changing, life events are challenging, and they are having to adapt and cope with situations that they are not familiar with or …

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Written by Dr. Rana Tayara “How about a hug?” a relative asked my daughter the other day, her negative response at first was shutdown, “Come on, it’s only a hug and I miss you”.This is when I said, “It’s ok, you can go and play, and if you want to come back and give a …

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