Dr. Rana Tayara

Rana is a trauma therapist and holds a PhD in psychology with emphasis on trauma. She also has a BA in psychology, a Masters in Educational Psychology Guidance and Counselling and a Teaching Diploma in Special Education. Dr. Tayara worked as a consultant with a number of NGOs in Lebanon, Jordan and the UK such as Amnesty International, Save The Children and Management System International (MSI) providing training for educators and psychologists. She also worked as a counsellor providing support to students at schools and educational centres.

Her work with childhood trauma has led her to build her interest and knowledge around sexuality education for children and teenagers by attending several trainings and workshops. After working in several tertiary institutions in Lebanon, UK and Australia Rana is currently a full time lecturer at the University of Canberra and runs her own business providing individual and couples therapy as well as workshops and training mostly focusing on trauma.

Degrees and Certification:

Session fee: $100.00
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