”My husband and I were struggling raising our 2 boys with a busy life style requiring everything to happen in rush, with stress and on the clock, lots of yelling and time out that led to nowhere, basically we followed the steps of how we were raised which we knew it wasn’t the healthier way to raise independent strong and confident kids with self esteem but we didn’t know different way. We reached out to Dana for help. We have been working with her for few months. She was able to understand our struggle from the first session, she started working with us from our childhood to our adulthood, helping us with our daily challenges, solving conflicts between us the parents to bring us on the same page and break the miss communication between us and gave us steps to help raising our kids moving away from the yelling and punishment to get the work done. Homework is being done in a much smoother way now, we have significantly reduced yelling and time out. The sessions have been life changing for us and most times the solutions are simple steps yet hard to recognize and follow without her help. I cannot recommend enough parenting coaching with Dana to every parents going through these challenges”.