”I am a 31 year old full-time working mother of a 4 year old. My son always gave me a hard time at home, at his grandparent’s house, and in school. I reached a point when I tried to apply every possible and impossible skill but I still felt like I am incapable of taking control. All this was before I started taking my sessions with Dana. In brief, I would describe Dana as someone who is devoted to helping mothers reach the results awaited, passionate about what she does, and very sincere and clear when it comes to tactics and explanation around certain cases. She helped me understand my character, my son’s character, why he does what he does, and where I am going wrong with my reactions. She made me realize that parenting is lovely and simple yet challenging and only when you know the root of behavior will you be able to alter it. I thank Dana from all my heart for being generous in her knowledge, flexible during our sessions, always available when I needed her assistance and most of all, sweetest by heart.”